Nautical decor items

Nautical decor

Items for nautical decoration.

Small old gold resin coral

A meticulously designed resin coral, bathed in an antique gold tone, with elongated branches that extend gracefully, creating a 15x9x16cm...

Old gold resin coral

An elegant resin coral in an antique gold tone, meticulously designed to capture the majesty of the ocean in a decorative piece.

White resin coral

A meticulously designed white resin coral measuring 19x17x18cm, ideal for adding a sophisticated touch to any space.

Light turquoise resin coral

This elegant resin coral, with a charming light turquoise tone, is a decorative piece that will add a sophisticated marine touch to any space.

GE1991 wooden buoy door stop

An original and functional door holder in the shape of a wooden buoy painted in white, navy blue and light blue. It has an aged look for a vintage,...

White porcelain sailboat

Adorn your space with our white porcelain sailboat, an artistic piece that combines the delicacy of porcelain with a modern and elegant design.

Recycled metal buoy

A recycled metal buoy in the shape of a round diamond with a rope attached to one end. Available in three colors (white and red / white and blue /...