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Red leatherette windproof ashtray.

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Red leatherette windproof ashtray. The inside is stainless steel and is filled with sand to make it stable and slip. It has a lid to stop ash from flying out and dirtying the boat. The exterior is leatherette and has a compass rose screenprinted.

1 unit | Ø 115 mm. | Stainless Steel and leatherette.

Magnetic stainless steel 18/0. Leatherette exterior. To wash the ashtray, take it apart and wash the lid separately. Wash the tray trying not to wet the suede part too much. To prevent problems and rust spots caused by moisture and salt, all pieces should be dried thoroughly and kept in a dry place after use. To wash the leatherette use a damp cloth.

  • Height 6,5 cm
  • Weight 0,4 Kg
  • Diameter 11,5 cm
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