Seahorse island painting of epoxy resin

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A handmade and exclusive painting with blue resin that simulates the sea, and an island in the shape of a seahorse made by hand with plaster, stones and vegetation. A unique and original piece to decorate your home with a marine touch.


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The seahorse island painting by La Botavara is a work of art made by hand by us. It is a 60 x 30 cm painting with an MDF wooden table on which a layer of blue resin has been applied that imitates the sea in tropical tones. In the center of the painting there is an island in the shape of a seahorse, created with plaster, natural stones and vegetation to recreate the natural landscape. The island has a relief that gives it volume and texture, and it is painted with natural colors to give it realism. Around the island there are waves made with epoxy resin that give the painting an effect of movement and shine.

The painting is ready to hang on the wall and is a unique and exclusive piece, since no two are the same. The La Botavara seahorse island painting is ideal for decorating any room in your home with a nautical and tropical style. You can combine it with other decorative resin elements from our collection. This painting of La Botavara is a perfect gift for lovers of the sea and crafts.

The seahorse island painting by La Botavara is the result of a careful artisan process that combines different materials and techniques. The blue resin is mixed with pigments and poured onto the board, creating a gradient effect that simulates the sea. The island is molded with plaster and decorated with natural stones and vegetation, giving shape to the seahorse. The waves are made with epoxy resin that is applied over the blue resin, creating a spectacular contrast and shine.

The seahorse island painting by La Botavara is not only a work of art, but also a way to create a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere in your home. Nautical decoration has many benefits for well-being, since it evokes the sea, nature and tranquility. Blue and green colors transmit freshness, calm and harmony, while natural elements such as stones or plants provide warmth, texture and life. The seahorse island painting by La Botavara will make you feel like you are in an island paradise every time you look at it.

1 Item

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