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Aquatic Harmony Sculpture of La Botavara

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Nautical Crafts

A unique 24x27x12 cm sculpture, created by La Botavara, which combines a refloated wood trunk and a school of fish in greenish blue tones, connected by elegant wires.


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The “Aquatic Harmony” is an artistic piece meticulously designed and handcrafted by La Botavara. With dimensions of 24x27x12 cm, this handcrafted piece is characterized by its ability to capture the vibrant and serene essence of the underwater world. The refloated wood trunk serves as a solid and natural base, displaying rich textures and earthy colors that evoke the intrinsic beauty of the seabed.

On this natural pedestal, a school of fish in greenish blue tones comes to life. Each fish has been carefully hand-carved to reflect the graceful forms and fluid movements characteristic of these sea creatures. The wires that support them are designed to imitate the ripples of water, creating a dynamic and ethereal feeling. All covered in epoxy resin to give it a unique shine.

The combination of the robust trunk with the delicate fish symbolizes the harmonious coexistence between different elements of the aquatic ecosystem. Every detail, from the selection of material to the color palette, has been considered to ensure that “Aquatic Harmony” is not just a sculpture, but a visual experience that invites reflection on the beauty and diversity of the underwater world without the need for Dive into the depths or discover hidden treasures.

This piece is not only a testament to the exceptional artistic talent present in each La Botavara creation, but also a tribute to the unexplored majesty of the ocean. It is ideal for those who appreciate art with deep meaning and want to bring a piece of the underwater world into their everyday space.


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