Handmade painting turtle and seabed

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A unique 50x27 cm artistic piece, created by La Botavara, that combines the beauty of the ocean with the elegance of white wood, showing a turtle, a seahorse, corals and algae.


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This handmade artisan piece is a perfect fusion between art and nature. Meticulously created by La Botavara, every detail has been carefully crafted to capture the essence of the underwater world. A vibrant and colorful marine scene unfolds on white 50x27 cm wooden boards.

The turtle, made of epoxy resin with translucent blue tones, seems to swim gracefully among the corals and algae. Beside him, a blue seahorse hides among the green algae. Red corals on natural sand add a vibrant touch to this peaceful scene.

The rustic texture of the white wood provides a natural contrast to the vivid colors of the ocean depicted. It is more than a decorative piece; It is a window to a serene and magical underwater world where each element coexists in perfect harmony. Ideal for those who appreciate unique art and have a special love for the ocean.

Each piece created by La Botavara is not only a work of art but also an expression of love for the sea and its enchanting creatures.

1 Item

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