Tropical epoxy resin beach paddle

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Nautical Crafts
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Experience the essence of the ocean with our handcrafted paddle, a perfect blend of epoxy resin and wood, adorned with natural sand to evoke the serenity of a tropical beach.


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Every piece made by La Botavara is a testament to exceptional craftsmanship and the tropical paddle is no exception. Measuring precisely 74x9cm, this nautical piece has been meticulously designed to be not only functional but also a visual masterpiece.

The sturdy wooden base is harmoniously complemented by the flowing epoxy resin in blue and turquoise tones, reminiscent of the calm ocean. The incorporation of natural sand infuses authenticity and texture, inviting viewers to a unique sensory experience.

Every grain of sand, every blue ripple captured in the resin, tells a story; a silent story of the calm sea and paradisiacal beaches. This paddle is not just an instrument; It is a tangible piece of tropical paradise, carefully crafted to bring the ethereal charm of the sea directly to your hands.

1 Item

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