Batela ceramic candle holder lighthouse

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Nautical decor
D7529 marino
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Discover the elegance and serenity that our Batela ceramic candle holder lighthouse brings. Available in navy blue, light blue and white, this 13x8cm accessory not only brightens your space, but also adds a distinctive nautical touch.


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Immerse yourself in a calm and peaceful experience with the Batela Ceramic Candle Holder Lighthouse. With a robust structure and detailed design, this lighthouse candle holder stands as an emblem of quality and style.

Available in three captivating colors:

Deep Navy Blue: Evokes the mysterious depth of the ocean.

Tranquil Light Blue: Represents your peaceful calm.

Pure White: Captures the effervescent foam of waves crashing against the shore.

With perfect dimensions of 13x8cm, this lighthouse candle holder adapts gracefully to any space. The Batela brand is synonymous with unmatched quality, guaranteeing not only stunning aesthetics but also exceptional durability.

Light a candle inside the lighthouse to reveal a mesmerizing light show. The shadows dance around creating enchanting patterns that invite relaxation and meditation. It is more than just an accessory; It is a journey to a world where the ocean and elegance meet.

D7529 marino
2 Items

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