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Set of 4 stackable turquoise crystal glasses in the shape of a fish 23562
  • Set of 4 stackable turquoise crystal glasses in the shape of a fish 23562
  • Set of 4 stackable turquoise crystal glasses in the shape of a fish 23562 2

Set of 4 stackable turquoise glasses in the shape of a fish

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A fun and practical set of glasses that when stacked form a turquoise fish. Perfect to save space and give a marine touch to your kitchen.



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Are you looking for original and functional glasses? We present this set of 4 stackable turquoise glass glasses in the shape of a fish. These are glasses that each have a different shape, but when stacked they fit together perfectly and form the silhouette of a fish. The turquoise color is very beautiful and combines with any style of decoration.

These glasses are ideal for serving hot or cold drinks such as water, juice, milk, tea or coffee. They measure 36x9 cm overall when stacked. You can keep them in the cupboard or leave them on display on the counter or table, as they are very decorative and create a surprising effect.

This set of glasses is a perfect gift for lovers of the sea or for yourself if you want to add a fun and nautical touch to your kitchen. They are glasses that will not go unnoticed and that will make you smile every time you use them.

Nautical decoration is a way to create a fresh, relaxing and elegant atmosphere in your home. The blue and white colors are reminiscent of the sea and the sky, while marine elements such as fish, shells or anchors provide an original and fun touch. With this set of glasses you can integrate the nautical theme on your table and in your kitchen without taking up much space or losing practicality.

In addition, you can combine these glasses with other kitchen or table accessories that also have a marine style. For example, you can use a white tablecloth with blue stripes, wicker placemats or starfish-shaped napkin rings. You can also place some centerpieces with blue candles or vases with white flowers. So you can create a cozy and harmonious atmosphere to enjoy your lunch or dinner.


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