Home Decor

Nautical decor for home.


Nautical decor

Items for nautical decoration.

Marine animals

Marine animals for decoration.

Wall art

Nautical wall art.

Nautical textile

Nautical cushions & textile.

Nautical hangers

Wall hangers inspired on the sea.

Nautical lamps

Nautical lamps for decor.

Jellyfish paperweights

Decorative jellyfish paperweight.

Wall clocks

Nautical wall clocks.

Turquoise resin fish

This turquoise resin fish stands out for its vibrant color and detailed texture, being a decorative piece that will add a touch of elegance and...

Surfboard terry rug

Immerse yourself in surf culture with our surfboard-shaped terry rug. Designed for lovers of the sea and waves, this piece captures the essence of...