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Batela ocean clock with blue whale tail

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Immerse yourself in oceanic serenity with our Batela wall clock, a piece that combines the rustic elegance of aged wood and the majesty of a blue whale tail.


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The Batela Ocean wall clock is more than just a time indicator; It is a decorative piece that captures the essence of the ocean. Made with high quality MDF, this clock is distinguished by its unique and charming design. With a diameter of 54.5 cm, it becomes the central focus of any space.

The aged white wooden planks evoke a nostalgic feeling, reminiscent of sunny days spent on the dock. At the heart of the clock, a blue whale tail emerges majestically, to reflect the vibrant and calm tones of the deep ocean.

Each number is embossed, offering not only functionality but also an artistic touch. The Batela brand has outdone itself by creating a piece that is as functional as it is aesthetic. The smooth and silent movement of the hands ensures that time flows as gracefully as the waves of the sea.

This clock is not just an accessory for your home or office; It is an invitation to pause and lose yourself in the immensity and beauty of the sea. Every detail has been carefully considered to create not only a utilitarian object but also a timeless work of art.


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