Waves of Lanzarote painting

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An exclusive 20x20cm artistic piece, capturing the majesty of ocean waves combined with Lanzarote's distinctive black sand, masterfully created using epoxy resin.


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“Waves of Lanzarote” is a handmade piece that encapsulates the natural and vibrant beauty of the beaches of Lanzarote. Every detail, from the deep blue of the ocean to the unique texture of black sand, has been precisely captured to deliver an unforgettable viewing experience. Epoxy resin is skillfully manipulated to bring waves to life, creating a three-dimensional effect that invites viewers to a unique sensory experience.

The piece measures 20x20cm, a perfect size to add an elegant and contemporary touch to any space. The hyperrealistic technique offers an authentic view of the coastal landscape. Natural black sand has been meticulously incorporated to reflect the rustic, earthy texture characteristic of volcanic beaches.

Handmade by La Botavara, this work is a testament to the innovative and creative art that defines our collection. It is more than a decorative piece; It is a visual celebration of the natural environment in its purest and most magnificent form. “Olas de Lanzarote” not only beautifies your space but also evokes a deep sense of awe at the uncontainable and indomitable majesty of the ocean.

1 Item

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